Any payment you make to is Non Refundable. In case you are not satisfied with the product supplied by BigBuy you can call or write to BigBuy customer care and BigBuy accepts returns at its own cost and you get money back in your BigBuy Wallet and you can always use your wallet with next purchase.


You can use maximum of 66% of your wallet against any single online purchase. It means if you want to empty your wallet you need to make minimum three separate purchases. You should never keep your wallet empty this is why you can adjust 66% of your wallet so always your wallet has some coins left in your wallet.


BigBuy Bangladesh accepts return / exchange claims within 3 days from the Date of Delivery. If you face any purchase/refunds problem, you can communicate BigBuy customer support team. For any assistance, please fell free to email at or call us at +88-01944663399.